“... rhetoric is the ability to observe in any given case the available means of persuasion – what needs to be said and how it should be said to achieve desired outcomes. It entails the ability and obligation to demonstrate to an audience facts and arguments available to bring insight to an important issue ...”

Aristotle on rhetoric

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Information Intelligence

Country Reports

Geopolitical Insight

Political Risk Analysis

Business Sector Opportunity Analysis

Legislation Monitoring

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Publications Management

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Strategic Communications

Communications Audit

Identification and analysis of the situation, monitoring and evaluation of your communications environment, media and stakeholders.

Issues Management

Monitoring and evaluation of the political, social, economic, technological and legislative environments, setting up strategies to mitigate risks and prevent crises.

Communications Crisis Management

Crisis pattern identification, crisis management planning on how to prevent potential crises, how to deal effectively with a crisis, how to quickly recover and return to b.a.u. (business as usual) mode.

Public Affairs

Communicating / lobbying towards opinion and decision makers (at local, national and EU level), monitoring political and legislative environment, advice on building coalitions.

Internal Communications

Setting up the organisation of a coherent, efficient and effective internal communication via multi-faceted activities.

Corporate Communications

Leadership and stakeholders communications, setting up strategic advisory boards, M&A / IPO communications.

Community Relations

Communicating / lobbying with local community elected reps, NGO’s, public and private Institutions, setting up CSR strategies and reputation management.

Media Relations

Communicating with journalists, editors from local, national and international media (print, online, TV, radio, etc.).

Media Training

Media training and public appearance, preparation and coaching of senior managers, CEO’s, etc. in communication skills.


Press releases, annual and social reports, newsletters, feature stories, speeches.

Special Events

Organising and managing press conferences, general assemblies, openings, ceremonies, conferences, fund-raising events, etc.